15 July 2019

The Best Christmas Gift By Far!

talk-radio-2sThe Creating Schools model is based on a public-private partnership, with a small number of Trustees overseeing the organisation, guiding the direction that Creating Schools moves in, as well as getting involved in some of the day-to-day operations. While the Creating Schools model has proved hugely successful in KZN and Limpopo, where two schools have already been built, the Trust is in need of further funds to both extend its reach into other communities, and to maintain the standard of the two existing schools. In addition to money, the learners and surrounding communities require ongoing mentorship, with the aim that they will be able to pass on what they’ve learned to others, helping to build stronger and more self-sufficient communities. It’s easy to understand then, why the Trustees who help to run Creating Schools, need to have a drive and passion for what they do, beyond their legal responsibilities.

Claire Brown has been on the board of Trustees since its inception, and her commitment to Creating Schools is so evident when you listen to the interview that she gave recently on Talk Radio 702. ‘Lead SA‘ is a weekly slot on 702 that highlights projects and initiatives that are helping to move South Africa forward. During the interview Claire spoke about everything from the innovative architecture that makes such a difference to the financial and environmental sustainability of the schools, to the development of the community that’s so integral to the Creating Schools model. Listening to Claire talk is so exciting because what she says makes complete sense, and offers a viable solution to the education crisis that currently faces South Africa – if only, in the words of Claire, they can just find someone with deep enough pockets to help them light the way!

Click on the play button below to listen to the full interview, or click here if you would like to make a donation to the Trust – the gift of education is without a doubt the best Christmas present anyone could ever ask for!

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